An Update of The Worst Exodus in History

An Update of The Worst Exodus in History

A Brief Intro

In 2017, the forces of Myanmar sent hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims fleeing across the border into Bangladesh (BBC News, 2020). Human Rights Watch (2020) explain the Muslims of Rohingya still face mass extinction as Myanmar forces continue to kill and refuse to provide basic human rights. They have also been accused of attempted rape, murder, and arson.

It’s been a decade since the people of Rohingya had been forced to find a new home. A decade later, they are still living in camps trying to survive. This article goes over what the people of Rohingya have been through since the last 2 years. 

The Exodus

The people of Rohingya have no place to call home. MSF (2021) states more than 70, 000 have fled and left what they claimed to be their homeland. The people of Rohingya have fled to various countries such as India, Bangladesh, and Indonesia. They are given the status of refugees in these respected countries and are still struggling.

What’s even troubling is the reason behind why Myanmar’s government has led this exodus. The goal of the Myanmar government is to free their land from Muslims. They have been and are treating Muslims as a plague not humans. Now the people of Rohingya are left to build a new home. Any ideas?

Heinous Brutality

The people of Rohingya continue to suffer a heinous level of brutality. More than 350 villages have been burned down to ash. Thousands have been killed including women and children. Amnesty International (2021) reported that Rohingya women have been raped and all this is a part of textbook ethnic cleansing.

Without any sort of protection, the people of Rohingya have still been left alone and vulnerable. This has led to instability in their futures. Charities including New Life Charity ‘have significantly scaled up our existing medical, water and sanitation efforts in support of the needs’ (MSF, 2021). However, without our support they are unable to survive by themselves.

Hopes Burnt to Ashes

Recently the refugee camp in Bangladesh caught fire leaving all homeless and vulnerable to the severities of the scorching sun. People are living with nothing but hopelessness and shattered morale’s. They have nowhere which they can call home and are living without shelter. (Faisal, 2021).

The refugees in Bangladesh are trapped as monsoon season is ahead and they fear mass destruction. According to Human rights watch interviews they have been brought there without their consent and now they feel trapped like in a human prison with nowhere to escape as monsoon season approaches. (Al Jazeera, 2021).

 As the covid cases spiked in Bangladesh they implemented lockdown leaving refugees from Rohingya helpless. With all these catastrophes they are also struggling with food, water and medicine. They are deprived of shelter and are denied to live in their own homeland. (Al Jazeera, 2021).

Provide Hope

Our charity aims to help our brothers and sisters through many empowering campaigns. They are vulnerable and need our help. Act now and help us provide even the slightest ray of hope.

We have multiple campaigns that aim to lift the suffering of the people of Rohingya:


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