How One Man Saved 495 People | Give Clean Water

A family getting clean water through our #givecleanwater campaign

How One Man Saved 495 People | Give Clean Water


Palashpole is a village situated under Satkhira Municipal area in Bangladesh. The people that live there are extremely poor where most lead their lives with innumerable suffering. A life that most of us just cannot even imagine unfortunately. Even worse, most of the people of Palashpole do not have clean drinkable water. Instead they are drinking from unhygienic canal water which is extremely dirty. The few water hand-pumps and tube well in the village are full of arsenic and iron contamination. As a result, most of the children, women and elderly are suffering from different types of waterborne diseases throughout the year.

Water is a basic necessity of life and unfortunately even this basic necessity is a rare commodity for many in Bangladesh.

How One Person Saved Hundreds

Tahar Zargayoun made an intention that he wanted to donate a deep tube well with New Life Charity Trust. Our team went in and built a deep tube well which was 720 feet deep. Here’s the amazing part, one person’s donation benefited 495 people in the village. Here’s the even more amazing part, every time a person or a child drinks from the clean water we’ve installed, Tahar will get a reward for this.

Message from the Villagers

“A deep tube well has been installed in care of Mohammed Altaf Hossain. On behalf of this area, Mr. Altaf thinks that the deep tube well has been installed at the right place of the community where people easily take pure water for their daily necessary purposes. Also, the passer-by’s and the community people take water easily because it is situated by roadside. The passer-by’s who go through this place can easily use the water for drinking. Also, thanks to dear donor and Novo Jibon (New Life) for their kind support of a deep tube well in our locality.

May Allah give you a long and peaceful life with your all family members and your well-wishers.”

How You Can Help

This case is only one in thousands around Bangladesh and we need your help to give millions around the country clean water. You can now donate through our #GiveCleanWater initiative by simply going to our ‘Buy A Water Well’ page.

Will you help us?

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