Fight Poverty with Education

Fight Poverty with Education

Poverty is a vicious cycle. If you are born into it, it’s hard to get out of it. A lot of people around the world are stuck in the cycle of poverty with no way out. Poverty not only affects the quality of lifestyle but also ruins your chances of stability and growth.

Root Cause of Poverty

Poverty has many root causes but the most important one is lack of education and illiteracy. People living under the poverty line are more likely to refrain from sending their children to schools. They are more likely to consider education a luxury and not a necessity. This mindset and behavior cause generations of generations to live in extreme poverty with no opportunities for growth.

A Global Solution: Education

Access to high quality primary and secondary education is considered a global solution to end poverty. Education can open many doors of opportunities. It provides you the necessary skills and resources to not only survive but also thrive in a society.

How Can Education End Poverty?

Eradicating poverty is one of the most crucial global challenges and an indispensable requirement of the developing countries. There are two ways education can help end poverty.

Economic Growth

Making education accessible for all is the most sustainable and globally recognized solution of alleviating poverty from the society. UNESCO Global Education Monitoring Report provided some evidence on how education impacts the economic growth of an individual and the country. According to the report, if all children had basic reading skills, 177 million people all around the world will be lifted out of the extreme poverty. It also stated that a year of education leads to 10% increase in pay. Providing education will not only open doors to better opportunities but will also add to the economic growth of the country.

Women Empowerment

According to UNESCO, education leads to socially and economically empowered women. Women who have gotten primary and secondary level education are more secure than those who didn’t get the opportunity to go to school. According to a World Bank Report, uneducated women are more likely to stay in poverty, suffer domestic abuse and get married as a child. Education can empower them and help them make better choices for their future. Education will improve their lifestyle and will also secure them physically, socially and financially.

Let’s End Poverty Together

Since education has the ultimate power to end poverty and to change the fate of the society, it is important that we take it upon ourselves to make education accessible for all. Let’s work together to eradicate poverty and empower children through education all around the world.

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