Free Education Program: Educate Every Child

Free Education Program: Educate Every Child

A Dream of Millions of Children

Going to school is a dream of millions of children in Bangladesh. 4.6 million children in Bangladesh are deprived of the basic right of education. Due to extreme poverty, poor quality of education and lack of infrastructure, the number of primary and secondary school dropouts are increasing at an alarming rate.  In the rural areas, lots of children who go to schools drop out due to insufficient means of income. Natural disasters and scarcity of qualified teaching staff highly contribute to the illiteracy rate of Bangladesh.

Impact of Lack of Education On Children

Lack of education not only limits their growth opportunities but also put them at risk of exploitation. Children who are not educated unfortunately become victims of child abuse, child trafficking and child labor. Parents in the rural areas don’t understand the necessity of education and send their children to work rather than to schools.


At New Life Charity Trust, we are running a free education program to educate every child in Bangladesh. We have built 5 schools in villages and rural areas to bridge the gap and to educate those who can’t afford it. We are also running an Education center since 2004 and have helped over 1500 students break their cycle of poverty and generate income for themselves. Our goal is to provide quality education to the poverty-stricken and deserving children in Bangladesh. Not only that, we are also providing vocational training to equip children with the necessary skills to ensure they have a bright future.

How Can You Help?

Bangladesh is in dire need of your help and support. Your support can educate a child, equip him with skills and give him a brighter future. Your support can save him from a life full of abuse and exploitation. Buy a school kit for a child, give allowance for his education expenses or refurbish a classroom. Contribute in any way you can.

Give for education today.

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