Importance Of Charity

Importance Of Charity

Donating not only benefits the charities themselves, it can be deeply rewarding for you too. Millions of people give to charity on a regular basis to support causes they believe in, as well as for the positive effect it has on their own lives. The journey towards catharsis paves it’s way through healing which eventually leads to serendipity feeding the soul with all the positive energy of the World we call home.

The realm of peace is one, but there are many roads that lead to it. Seeking pleasure in happiness is beneficial for the soul only if one is careful to what excites him. For some, the essence of peace lies in solitude, for others it may lie in being with loved ones, either way, the goal to have lasting peace is merely important and all that matters in the end.

A simple act of kindness creates an endless ripple that comes back to you in ways you never would have thought of in the first place. Kindness and compassion are virtues that every single person who has or ever will walk on this planet should possess by default, when and if that happens, the rate of heartbreak, hurting someone, losing someone and hopefully suicides too would fall to the core and make the World we live in and life as we know it, so much better for the greater good in the near and distant future. We should not hesitate to help others or belittle our act of kindness as too inferior or not worthy enough to make a difference in someone’s life when in reality, it makes a huge difference for perpetuity.

The Rohingya are a Muslim ethnic group, over 700,000 of whom fled persecution and violence in neighboring Myanmar in August 2017. Bangladesh has been sheltering 1.1 million of the refugees in crowded camps near it’s coast. New Life Charity Trust relies on good will gesture of volunteers to help us organize fundraising events, and carrying out admin work. This is your charity working for your brothers and sisters. We have offices/ground staff all across Bangladesh ready to tackle emergency crisis. Our work is solely based in UK, we operate in Bangladesh and help the people of Rohingya with your donations. As Muslims, we should help all those in need whenever required. Be a part of our campaign and help the Rohingyan refugees to get their lives back on track one step at a time.

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