With the ongoing COVID pandemic and winter approaching, the Rohingya refugees face a new peril. January and February are of the coldest months in Bangladesh, where temperatures drop as low as 10°C. While we huddle up in our cozy homes, and keep ourselves warm by the fireside, these refugees fight to see another day. As of today, over 900,000 Rohingya lives in the Cox Bazaar. As cold winter nights approach, majority of the people are forced to live in their makeshift homes and tents. This makes them extremely vulnerable because their homes are unable to stop the snowy blizzards and chilly breeze from coming at their doorstep. Imagine being in their place, with no resources and food to keep you warm and healthy.


Our campaign #WarmWinter aims to provide families proper essentials to help them survive the sudden drop in temperature. We work tirelessly to provide food and shelter for the refugees of Rohingya so they can have a peaceful and warm winter.

How can you help?

However, this cannot be possible without your help and donations. Protect the Rohingya refugees by only donating £35! Your donations, we will provide families with a winter survival food pack that will contain all necessary items such as food, sanitation and hygiene kits. In addition to this, blankets will also be provided to keep everybody warm and safe. Your donations will be the source of warmth for many families that are struggling to survive the cold days and freezing nights.

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