Winter Campaign 2021

Winter Campaign 2021

Winter is a harsh time of the year for many people all around the globe. Hundreds of people die each year due to the extreme cold and fall victim to the diseases such as frostbite and hypothermia. This weather bodes ill for all the poor communities and especially for the Rohingya Refugees residing in Bangladesh. These refugees fled from their homes to escape persecution and found a safe haven in Cox’s Bazaar of Bangladesh but their troubles have no end in sight as winter approaches.  

These refugees are struggling for their survival. They live in Makeshift tents with nothing but clothes on their back. As we get cozy in our centrally-heated homes and enjoy snacks, they are on the streets worried about lasting another day in the cold.

This Winter, Give A Gift of Warmth 

At New Life Charity Trust, we are providing the essentials to the marginalized communities and Rohingya refugees to help them survive this weather. Our winter campaign “give a gift of warmth” focuses on providing food packs, blankets, warm clothes and safety kits to the people in need. Our goal is to reach more people and help them have a warm, peaceful winter. 

How Can You Help This Winter? 

This winter we need your help more than ever. Help us reach more people and keep them warm in the freezing nights. Your £35 can keep a family warm, well-fed and alive. 

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