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With 4.8 million estimated vulnerable orphans in Bangladesh, it is one of the highest in the world. These children are left with no care or support leaving them victims that are being abused and are taken advantage of. This leaves millions of children without a better future if they even lived that long.


Our Mission

We aim to continuously build & improve secure orphanages around the country. Our key mission is to provide these orphans happiness and a bright future.

How We Achieve This

Our current orphanage looks after 50 young children who are between the ages of 6-12 years. We provide them with 3 nutritional meals per day and provide clothes, study materials, and recreational activities to name a few. Our Eid Gifts makes an amazingly huge impact on the happiness of these beautiful children. Moreover, we also run a high calibre and highly ranked school which allows us to attend our orphans for free education ensuring a brighter and successful future.

How You Can Help

Your donations will help us improve our current orphanages, build new orphanages and increase the number of orphans under our care. Your donation will be saving children from being abused in ways we just don’t have the heart to write down here. Your prayers will make an even bigger impact by the will of Allah!  

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