Floods have ravaged parts of Bangladesh…

Will you help us rewrite a tragic story right now?

Last week, flash floods swept through Bangladesh, turning lives upside down. Among the countless tragedies is the story of Amina, a young girl who lost her family home to the relentless waters. She now shelters under a flimsy plastic sheet, vulnerable to the elements with no dry ground beneath her, just the muddy, treacherous terrain.

This is the harsh reality for thousands of Bangladeshi families devastated by these floods. These people, already struggling with poverty, now face an even grimmer future. They are left with no food, no clean water, and no shelter.

As the floods continue to wreak havoc, the threat of waterborne diseases looms large. Without immediate help, countless lives are at risk. We must act now to provide essential aid – food, clean water, and secure shelter – to those who have lost everything.

Your support can save lives. Donate now to our Floods Appeal and bring hope to those in desperate need.


But you can help them survive.


Will you help us save their lives?

Your help could mean the difference between life and death.

NovoJibon is on a mission to provide urgent relief to 500 families affected by the devastating floods in Bangladesh.

One emergency relief pack will provide a family of 4-5 people with the essential supplies they need to survive this crisis. Help us bring hope and relief to these families by donating as much as you can.

By donating just one relief pack of £45, you can provide a family with clean water, rice, cooking oil, lentils, sugar, salt, medical supplies, and hygiene kits for a month. That works out to just £1.5 a day.

Even a single bottle of clean water can become someone’s lifeline in these flooded areas. Will you save one life in this time of need?

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Flood Victims in Bangladesh

Your donations will help children like Ayesha.

Meet Ayesha, a 7-year-old child who lost her father during the recent floods in Bangladesh. Ayesha’s father was swept away while trying to save their few belongings from the rising waters.

Ayesha now lives with her mother in a temporary shelter, struggling to find clean water and food. We couldn’t save Ayesha’s father, but we can help her and her mother survive this crisis.

With your support, we can provide them with enough food, clean water, and essential supplies to last through this difficult time. Donate as much as you can.

🌟 About the charity

NovoJibon has been serving humanity for the past 28 years. We have been on the ground in Bangladesh, supporting communities through countless challenges. Recently, devastating floods have ravaged the country, leaving families homeless, hungry, and desperate. Entire villages have been submerged, homes washed away, and lives turned upside down. These floods have left millions fighting for survival, struggling for their next meal, and searching for safety.

The people of Bangladesh need your help now more than ever. Join us in providing essential aid, including food, clean water, and shelter, to those affected by this catastrophe. Help the flood victims rebuild their lives and find hope amidst the chaos. Donate today and be a beacon of hope for those in desperate need.

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