Give the gift of clean water

Why do they need clean water?

A lack of clean water means people have to walk for hours to find it. Many of them are young children. This need for water doesn’t just keep children away from school but often the water they collect often contains diseases that make them sick. Let’s change that.

This is your chance.

How would you like to help?

You helped save Fatima

My name is Fatima. Every day I walk for miles just to get water. This means I have to miss school because I need to get water. But then I met Novojibon – a charity that builds water wells in Bangladesh. Now instead of wasting half of the day finding water, I can go to school. That means I can one day get a job. And that means one day I can provide for my family. And it’s all thanks to donors like you who allow Novojibon to install these water pumps. You could be next.

Your Turn Now

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Need a reason to donate?

It’s the best charity – “‘O Messenger of Allah! Umm (mother of) Sa‘d has died, so which charity is best?’ He (saw) replied, ‘[Providing] water”. (Abu Dawud)

A cure – “Treat your sick ones with charity.”
(Saheeh al-Jaami)

Protection – ‘Give the sadaqah without delay, for it stands in the way of calamity.’ (Tirmidhi).

Removing sins – “Charity extinguishes the sins like water extinguishes a fire.” (Ibn Majah)