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About New Life Charity

Founder’s statement

Having seen the poor and the needy suffering and struggling with the lack of basic human needs and no hope in the future. So I felt that something has to be done to tackle those challenges and to make a difference.

Therefore I decided to start NJ to give them hope and to develop their skills through the medium of education, vocational training, and income generating projects.

It has been a long journey but yet there is a lot more to be done and to be achieved and I believe that together we can make it happen. Remember your support and generosity is always needed and appreciated. I am very grateful to our partners, donors, volunteers, and staff members that have been supporting us to making a difference and helping the needy.

Shahid Khan.

Our mission is saving lives, transforming and empowering communities by adopting working methods to alleviate poverty through provision of faith, education, health care, and income generation. Our mission is to provide long term sustainable assistance to the disadvantaged and destitute to help them become self reliant. Mission Statement.

Director’s statement

I would like to take this opportunity to thank every donor, and supporter  including organisations and mosques that have been part of our success, where many lives were changed and hope been given to many unfortunate and destitute. Without forgetting all the team in the United Kingdom and Bangladesh for all the efforts they made to achieve this success.

Taoufik Maknin

Bangladesh Charity

Insight into Bangladesh

Why Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is one of the poorest countries in the world, with an extremely high population, coupled with corruption and filled with regular natural disasters. We could send money to other parts of the world then fetch pictures to boast that we are everywhere, but we know this is disingenuous. Our philosophy isn’t a quick fix. Sadly, after all the pictures and videos have been taken who will take care of them tomorrow?

With 4.8 million estimated orphans in Bangladesh, It is one of the highest in the world

We provide them with 3 nutritional meals per day, clothes, study materials,
and recreational activities, Eid Gifts and more….

Education Centers

Education Center

Our Educational centre started in 2004, it was built over 3 floors and for the last 7 years we have extended it to 5 floors. We started with 400 students; now we cater for 1500 students.
Currently we are ranked 12th best in the country.
Our philosophy, “Fight poverty with Education.”
Bangladesh has the lowest level for education, it is clear to see why poverty is so prevalent.
Our aim is to become the biggest & the best school in Bangladesh. We are making education easy to reach for the most needy.

Village School

We provide education to children otherwise would be left illiterate. These villages are hard to reach and surrounded by poverty. Our hardest goal, convincing the parents that education will help them out of poverty. 90% of the parents do not understand the importance of children gaining education, as they’re illiterate.
We have built and run 5 village schools. Each village school has a teacher and 30 students full time. Our students study along with secular subjects Islamic studies too.

Village School

Our Campaigns


We aim to provide education to less fortunate children and help them create a brighter future. Click Learn More Learn More and see how we’re educating children.


We aim to save the lives of orphaned children who would instead be left for abuse and kidnappings. Click on Learn More and see how we’re helping orphans


Many women around the world are brought up being extremely dependent which leaves them unable to face the world and subject to abuse. Click on Learn More to see how we are empowering women


Families are left crippled in Bangladesh as donations run out but families are still left without any reliable income. We aim to create income generating avenues for poor families so that they are not dependant on anyone. Click on Learn More to see how we are empowering families.


A basic necessity such as clean water is so difficult to come by for the people in need. Drinking contaminated water is causing unnecessary deaths to children and families. Click on Learn More to see how we are working hard in giving clean water


Saving lives, transforming and empowering communities by adopting working methods to alleviate poverty through provision of faith, education, health care, and income generation.

How we Function

How we function?

Through your donations entirely! We don’t have a magic money tree. All the amazing work that we do is solely funded by yourselves. We have offices/ground staff all across Bangladesh ready to tackle emergency crisis. Read our Annual Report 2017 to learn more about our amazing work in Bangladesh and with the people of Rohingya.



As a charity, we rely on good will gesture of volunteers to help us organise fundraising events, and carrying out admin work. If you’d like to volunteer or take lead and organise fundraising events please contact us and we’d love to support you! This is your charity working for your brothers and sisters.



If you would like to fund-raise for us in your local region please contact us as we would like to hear from you. If you have innovative ideas for the charity whether it’s fundraising or ways to elevate poverty please get in touch!

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