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Bangladesh is grappling with the largest mass poisoning of a population in history because ground water used for drinking has been contaminated with naturally occurring inorganic arsenic

Our Mission

Our #CleanWater campaign aims to provide the poor people and children of Bangladesh with clean water in order to reduce deaths caused through contaminated water and allow the poor the same human rights that we all enjoy

How We Achieve This

We have dug and installed over 88 deep water wells and over 20 hand pumps for rural villages. Where arsenic water is found, such water is already poisoned, therefore, we dig deeper to reach drinkable water. The deep wells that we have already set up benefit over 14,000 people indirectly and the hand pumps we have already installed benefit over 3,000 people on a daily basis.


Deep Water Well – £700
Hand Water Pump – £170

How You Can Help

Buy donating a water well or hand pump you can help us provide clean water to those who do not have this crucial necessity. Your prayers will make an even bigger impact by the will of Allah!

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