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Donating food & supplies are very short-term ways that have left families either dependent on charities or due to neglect during certain periods of the year leave them starving without any housing and necessities. It has become even more important to find pragmatic methods which empower families to generate income and to work for themselves in building a brighter new life.

Our Mission

Our #EmpowerFamilies campaign aims to provide guardians with a sustainable method of generating income for themselves and their families. A rickshaw allows the guardian to begin his own business and generate his revenue based on how hard he works.

How We Achieve This

We provide families with their very own rickshaw which promotes 2 important functions. Firstly, we push families to work hard in order to build a brighter new life. Secondly, we provide them with something where they do not owe anyone and are not stuck for their lives paying of a loan.



How You Can Help

Buy donating a rickshaw to a family, you are providing a loan free method of generating income for the family. Your prayers will make an even bigger impact by the will of Allah!

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