Winter Appeal



As cold winter nights approach, numerous people are forced to find shelter in their tents or makeshift houses. Their homes are unable to stop snowy blizzards and torrential rain from coming at their doorstep. Harsh conditions and limited resources have made families extremely vulnerable as they do not have the basic necessities to keep them warm and safe.

Our Mission

Our campaign #LeftToFreeze aims to provide families proper essentials to help them survive the sudden drop in temperature. We work tirelessly to provide food and shelter for the refugees of Rohingya so they can have a peaceful and warm winter.

How We Achieve This

We will provide families with a winter survival food pack that will contain all necessary items such as food, sanitation and hygiene kits. In addition to this, blankets will also be provided to keep everybody warm and safe. Your donations will be the source of warmth for many families that are struggling to survive the cold days and freezing nights.


Food pack and a blanket: £40

How You Can Help

Provide the families of Rohingya a Warm Winter. All donations will provide food packs and blankets. Your prayers will make an even bigger impact by the will of Allah!

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